eVenues Library

At eVenues, we've committed ourselves to creating high quality, entertaining and informative content. Judging by the reception that many of our blog posts have received--so far so good Wink

We realized, however, that something was missing. The blog, while it was good for posts about board room designs and career advice for meeting planners, didn't seem like the right place for a comprehensive resource for people planning meetings and events.We wanted something organized in a way that readers could find the information they needed without wading through old blog posts.

This is why we've created our Event Planning Guide.

We realize that not everyone who books venues on our site are professional meeting planners, and there are so many questions that come up about meeting and event planning in our day to day dealings with customers that we thought it'd would be great to have a well organized library of articles that helped make our customers meetings better.

We've just started creating content but so far we've written about:

We will continue to add more content to the library regularly, so be sure to check back often!

Photo by: Marcus Hansson