The Easy: A Community Space for Startup Entrepreneurs and Other Mad Scientists

Startuppers are a little like mad scientists. They find themselves possessed by an idea that they can't shake and the only way to get the Frankenstinian monster out of their heads is to assemble the monster’s parts on a gurney, slap a lightning rod to its noggin, step back, and hope for the best.

The one thing that sets startuppers apart from mad scientists, however, is that that they don’t work alone in secret labs. No matter your idea, whether it’s a death ray, an asteroid magnet, or an army of rabid Sharktopi, mad genius isn’t enough. You need minions, partners in crime who believe in your grandiose designs. You need a place to meet with other mad scientists, a place to exchange ideas free from the scrutiny of the outside world.

Seattle has such a place. It’s called “The Easy.”

Like the speakeasies of the past from which it takes its name, The Easy is a startupper’s refuge, hidden away in the heart of the ever expanding Amazon HQ campus. Here geeks of all stripes meet and discuss technology and startups over pizza and beer. More importantly, however, they come to The Easy to make lasting connections, connections which could very well become the foundation for Seattle’s next tech giant. Considering how The Easy has hosted over 50 events (like the Lean Startup Seattle and Hacker News Meetups) and over 3,000 entrepreneurs (and would-be "wantrepreneurs") met there last year, it’s likely these connections have already been made.

But don’t take our word for it, just listen to what Seattle’s tech community has to say about the space:

We're proud to list “The Easy” on eVenues and feature it here on the eVenues blog. We'd like to point out that if you're organizing any event around a startup related theme, Red, the startup concierge for the Easy and the mastermind behind StartupCity will waive the cost and let you use the space for FREE.

Finally, you might have noticed from the video that they're looking to give the space a makeover. Please support the Easy in the $25k makeover contest sponsored by Turnstone. By voting for them you'll help make Seattle a better place for startuppers and mad scientists alike. Also, you won't be attacked by a sharktopus.


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