The eVenues Friday Five: Best Posts of The Week

At eVenues we like to stay on top of the best blogs about events, technology, and of course, event technology. We tweet and share the best blog posts we find but there always are a select few posts that we believe deserve special mention.

This week those posts are:

The Economy Is Based on Meetings — It’s That Simple - Victorix

While the 24 hour news pundits have been railing against "Muffin Gate," the incident where the justice department allegedly paid $16 per muffin served at a conference. This guest post by Justin Locke reminds us of the very simple fact that " The economy is based on sales, and sales happen at meetings." Hear, hear!

11 Can’t Miss Ways to Make Your Event Blog Suck - Engage 365

Jenise Fryatt, Community Manager of Engage 365 and blogger at Sound n' Sight gives us a fun, tongue in cheek list of "tips" on how to create a terrible event blog. Sorry Jenise, but just this once we're not going to follow any of your advice ;)

8 Indispensable Features for a Kick-Ass Event App - Event Manager Blog

Given the ease with which developers can customize software today, it seems only natural for events and conferences to come with their own apps. Michael Heipel, who takes charge of marketing for the annual World Newspaper Congress and IFRA Expo, shares his thoughts on what an Event app should include.

The New Science of Trade Show Marketing - Meetings & Conventions

A longer post, but definitely worth a read. Michael C. Lowe, writer for Meetings & Conventions, provides us a detailed guide on how to use technology to personalize your event marketing efforts.

Not a Trend: Ketchup Fountains - PlusPoint

This post made the list because it had a ketchup fountain. 'Nuff said.


Did you see a great post that we missed? Let us know! Contact our Community Manager Kenji Crosland at kenji -at- evenues dot com. 


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