There are a lot of articles out there today that focus on building your company exposure thru SEO/SEM, analytics, PPC/CPC, banner advertising...yada yada.

However, but what happended to good ol' fashion articles on why and how to build a good website? Well, I happen to stumble upon a good one yesterday on This one, focused on the suckiness of restaurant & hospitality websites and why they suck. Hmmmm...I thought for a moment. Really...even when we have great sites like Urbanspoon, Yelp, and others?  I couldn't resist given we run into this all the time at eVenues. We've asked ourselves the same question time and time again as we find cool meeting venues and spaces that don't have any website, let along a page, mention or sliver of info by a venue. Wow, I can only imagine how much $$$ each are leaving on the table. Go figure.

Anyway, this article suggests nothing new or innovative, but rather a focus on simplicity with some good reminders. Happy reading - click on picture below.