LIVE from NYC: TechCrunch DISRUPT

TechCrunch DISRUPT kicked off today in New York City, running thru Wednesday night. This is the first TechCrunch conference to venture East and has a lot of New Yorkers wondering if this will become the norm, since there's been lots of conferences that have both lived and died in New York City!

eVenues is here to compete in the StartUp Alley. We received a FREE ticket after winning The Funded's Founder Showcase event last week in Silicon Valley. The most interesting point about DISRUPT is the actual venue where the event is being held. It's being held in the old Meryl Lynch trading building, 80,000 square feet once used by their traders. It's a little eary…these floors used to hummm…just like the movie with Boilerroom with life and activity. Now, it's sparse and bare…until TechCrunch (Heather) found it and turned it into a national event venue.

Now that's what we at eVenues like to hear and see! The reuse and repurpose of a space for the better-ment of the economy and industry! So far the conference is working in this space, with breakout rooms for VCs (once trading manager offices), eating/networking areas, and long cooridors shoot-out areas.

Stay tuned for more news updates!

9 thoughts on “LIVE from NYC: TechCrunch DISRUPT

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